Mother’s Day 2014

I am who I am because of my mother!
I give thanks to God for making the most special woman my Mother. Love you eternally. Thank you God keep her in Your shade.

Echoes of Silence

Forty five years have gone by since your Lord took you away from the realm of this world. Being the youngest and in my teens, it was hard upon me to imagine life without you. Still, Allah سبحانه و تعالى‎ gave me the ability to be grateful to Him, Al-Muhyiy and Al-Mumeet (The Giver of Life and Death, 15:23), for the beautiful years I basked in the warmth of your love and what little I learned from your profound character. It could never suffice and I am forever stationed on the moment we talked last….

You & Me
In late hours of the night,
the shadows of the cosmic light
connect me with you.
I look at the silvery net on the walls
filtering the moonlight,
and bringing the memories unto me
illuminating the embroidered wall hangings
that your hands passionately worked on.
I envisage going back in time

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